Tuesday, July 07, 2015

How Long Should An Online Commercial Be?

This is a question asked by Andy Chandler today in one of the ad pubs.

It’s the same question that we asked many years ago right here in this blog. 

How long should a commercial be?

The answer then is the same as it is now.

As long as it’s interesting.

How do we know when a commercial has stopped being interesting?  

Simple.  When the viewer stops watching. 

That’s the beauty of online.  The viewer is in control.  They can opt-in and opt-out of commercials at their prerogative.

But once they opt-in, why don’t we create compelling content to keep them watching longer?

Time is something that nobody has enough of.

Which is why every second that we get a potential customer watching one of our ads, that’s one second less they have to give to your competitors’ ads.

More time-spent with your commercial means less time-spent with theirs.

All it requires is for us to realize that there is nothing magical about thirty seconds.

Where the magic lies is in being interesting.

As long as you are, people will watch.

And for much longer than thirty seconds.

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