Thursday, June 04, 2015

Paying Attention For Attention

In a recent survey from Unruly, it was shown that marketers are now placing a greater emphasis on winning a viewer’s attention.

Rather than click-through rates, viewability and completed views are now what marketers are finding most important.

So here’s the question.  Whom is accountable for viewability?  And, whom is accountable for completed views? 

Are both the responsibility of media?

I don’t think so.  And I’m not talking about forced views here.  We all know that forced views don’t measure true attention.  True attention can only be measured when the viewer opts in to watch.

Obviously, this means the commercial needs to be ‘viewable’ in the first place.

And yes, media is responsible for allowing the commercial to be viewable. 

But once the viewer clicks in to start watching the commercial, the responsibility of maintaining a viewer’s attention falls on the creative itself.

So if the creative is accountable for maintaining attention, why aren’t creative agencies being paid based on how much attention they create?

If more attention is more valuable to the marketer than less attention, then shouldn’t the ability to create that attention be more valuable to the agency as well?

Attention can be measured as view duration.

So why isn’t compensation for creative agencies also partially based on view duration?

Just a thought.

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