Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Data Is The New Creativity

There is a lot of talk about data these days and how it relates to creativity.

The mindchange that we’ve been pushing for some time now is that data is the new creativity.

Here’s why.

Digital data can tell us how long viewers are involved with a commercial.  The longer they are involved with the commercial, the better the chances are of that commercial working (provide your own definition of ‘working’ here).

So viewer involvement – some call it engagement - measured as time-spent, offers value to the advertiser.

So how does this number relate to creativity?

Rather directly, we’re afraid, if one allows creativity to be paid for based on the viewer’s involvement.

The longer viewers are involved in a commercial, the more the creative agency makes.  The opposite would also hold true.

After all, if involvement offers value to the advertiser, should it not also offer value to the agency that created the involvement?

What this means is that the creative agency has skin in the game.  Basically, they’re no longer getting paid for how long they work on a commercial, but rather, for how long the viewer watches it for.

In return for agreeing to be paid on this basis, the advertiser must offer something to the agency.

And that is a freer hand when it comes to the creative itself.

Perhaps this is what the ‘New Creativity’ really is. 

More creative freedom to the agency - but in return - being held financially accountable through data.

Not using data to see whether the spot runs. 

Or, not.

But rather, to see whether the agency gets paid.

Or, not.

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