Thursday, May 14, 2015

Accountability Is The New Creativity

In an article that ran today, the headline read, ‘Yes, Creative and Data Can Be Friends.’

I don’t think it’s about data and creativity being friends.  I think of the two as being partners.

Data brings about accountability.  Which means it should allow advertisers to hold creativity accountable.

But, accountable for what?

Sales?  That is a form of indirect accountability to say the least.  A lot has to happen before a sale takes place.

So what is the creative most directly responsible for?  If we’re talking about a thirty-second spot, what can data tell us about that spot?

Well, one thing it tells us is that for those who opted-in to watch the spot, how long they watched it for.

As an advertiser, if you create a thirty-second spot, do you think your sales will improve if people watch all thirty seconds?  Or, are you happy if they watch only ten seconds?

Since you paid for thirty seconds to be produced, I can only assume that you think all thirty seconds are relevant to the sale.

So why not hold your agency accountable for view duration?  Pay them accordingly for the creative they produce.  The longer the view duration, the more the agency makes.

The shorter the view duration, the less they make.

Obviously, for the agency to buy into this, they will demand that the advertiser give them more leeway when it comes to the actual creative.  After all, getting paid based on view duration means the agency has skin in the game.

But this will only lead to more creative, creative.

And that, in turn, should lead to more sales.

Which is why accountability will soon become the new creativity.

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