Thursday, April 16, 2015

What’s Next? Commercials Within Commercials?

YouTube is now overlaying print ads on top of commercials on their skippable TruView ads.

YouTube says this is effective.

And, perhaps it is.  At least, for YouTube. 

After all, the overlays are another way YouTube will make money.  But that’s now how they’re selling it to advertisers.

According to the director-product management for YouTube Ads, “We’re trying to make TrueView ads an even better creative canvas for brands.”

And how are they doing that exactly?  By obscuring the viewer’s attention away from a commercial that the advertiser paid an enormous amount of money to produce.

Got it.

Here's an idea.  Run the commercial.  Or, run the ad.  But don’t run one over the other and expect the advertiser to pay for both.

Then, there’s Esquire.  They’re doing the opposite.  They’re running TV commercials in print ads.

No, I’m not making this up.

Take a look.

According to the publisher director and chief revenue bigwig at Hearst Men’s Group, "We're always looking for innovative ways for print to come alive. This was one of those aha moments."


I think it was one of those, “Oh, shit, look at the money we can make on this,” moments.

If you want to make print come alive, create better print ads.  Don’t turn the magazine into a TV.

I don’t know.  Maybe advertisers like this stuff.  Maybe they go to bed at night thinking they’re hoodwinking us all.

But I can’t help but think that they’re not that stupid.  

Are they?

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