Friday, March 13, 2015

Why Ad Blocking Is A Misnomer

In a report from Wells Fargo Securities, ad blocking is now considered to be as much of a challenge as viewability for digital publishers.

My question is, why don’t they call the problem by its proper name?  Consumers are not trying to block ads.  What they are trying to block are intrusions to their viewing experience.  These intrusions just happen to be ads.

If publishers can focus on the real problem, then they will see it’s a distribution issue.  Not an advertising issue.

The problem they need to solve is to find a way to distribute ads that don’t intrude on the viewing experience.



Look at search.  It’s a way for consumers to get information about brands and products.  Sometimes, that information happens to be in the form of an ad or commercial.

It all comes down to control, doesn’t it?  The digital space is something consumers feel they should control.

Let consumers control when and if they watch a commercial.   Stop intruding on their viewing experience. 

Will publishers get as many eyeballs in front of each ad?


But those eyeballs they do get will be more valuable to the advertiser. 

And, ultimately, the publisher.

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