Monday, March 09, 2015

From Viewability To Time Spent

Now that ‘viewability’ has become the 'it' word in advertising and digital publishing, the obvious question is when do we move past viewability to time spent?

Or, should we skip viewability all together and start focusing on time spent right now?

After all, if an advertiser knows how much time a viewer spent watching their commercial, it presupposes that the commercial was ‘viewable’.

But just because a commercial was viewable doesn’t presuppose that anyone spent any time watching it.

Now here’s the interesting part.

Who will the advertiser hold accountable for capturing time spent with their commercials?

The publisher?

Or, the creative agency?

Initially, it will be the publishers.  Until the publishers say, "What the hell, we don’t create the content, we just run it."

And that once a viewer clicks play on the commercial, how long they stay is entirely relevant on the commercial content itself.  Not the placement.

Which means two things.

Smart advertisers will stop worrying about viewability and move immediately to time spent.

And, they will find a way to hold their creative agencies – not the media agencies and not the publishers - accountable for viewer time spent with their commercials.

The handful or so of brilliant agencies will welcome this.

As for the rest, well, best of luck.

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