Tuesday, February 10, 2015

“This Generation Doesn’t Dislike Brands. What They Don’t Like Is Advertising”

The above was said at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix, by Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer for Maker Studios.

I disagree with Ms McPherson.  I don’t believe it’s advertising that this generation dislikes (or any generation for that matter).  What they dislike are interruptions.

Now Maker Studios is the largest distributor of short-form video content in the world.  So when Ms McPherson says that brands need to switch from agencies to content creators, you can understand her bias.

Granted, I’m still confused between what content is and isn’t, especially when compared to a well-crafted commercial. 

Obviously, content doesn’t interrupt or intrude on what the person is watching, or wants to watch.

So if you place and run a commercial in the same way that content is placed and run, well, what’s the difference?

“The new authority is authenticity,” Ms McPherson goes on to say.  And she implies that native content tends to be more trustworthy than advertising.


So why do I feel scammed every time I read content where I know the content’s only purpose is to put an ad in front of me?

By the way, in the article, they give an example of content done well – Bad Lip Reading.

Ironic, isn’t it, that this Bad Lip Reading idea was done more than 25 years ago for a commercial for Stroh’s Beer.  It used Fidel Castro as the spokesman for Stroh’s.

So which is it – content copying commercials?  Or, commercials copying content? 

Or, are they really all just one and the same?

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