Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If Completed Views Are The Metric That Matter Most, Who’s Accountable For Those Views?

In a recent survey by Brightroll, they asked the world’s premier advertising agencies what matters most to them in regards to media.

Besides discovering the obvious – due to the fact that Brightroll places digital video media – that digital video is becoming more mainstream and online video is considered effective, the survey discovered that completed views, conversions and brand lift are the metrics that matter most.

Of those three, completed views were considered the most important metric.

So here’s the question.  If a completed view is the most important metric, and if it is not a forced viewed, then who is accountable for that view?

The media?  Or, the creative?

Once a viewer clicks play, what compels them to continue watching?

The media?  Or, the creative?

It has always been this writer’s opinion that once the viewer clicks play, responsibility for time spent with the commercial switches from the media to the creative.  After all, once the viewer clicks play, they can also click stop.

If completed views are the most important metric for advertisers, then why aren’t advertisers holding the proper agencies accountable for those completed views?

In other words, the creative agencies rather than the media agencies.

Unfortunately, Brightroll didn’t ask that question.

Perhaps it's time that the industry did.

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