Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Repositioning Dirt

Drove down through the middle of California over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Saw the results of the California drought first hand.

A lot of farmers have a lot of fallow fields on their hands.  What used to filled with produce is now filled with dirt.

Which, to me, seems like a marketing problem.

There is a surplus of dirt, but currently, no market for dirt.

Isn’t advertising’s job to help create a market for products? 

To create demand?

Perhaps dirt is just a product that people, up to now, didn’t know they wanted.

Or, needed.

I have a hunch that dirt isn’t going to go away.  In fact, with the climate being the way it is, more and more dirt may soon be available.

I know a lot of ad agencies are licking their chops, thinking that the next big product to sell will be weed.

Perhaps they should be setting their sights a little lower.

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