Monday, December 08, 2014

How To Counter Ad Fraud

The statistics aren’t positive.

According to Google, 56% of online display ads that advertisers pay for are never seen by living human beings.   The New York Times recently noted that 57% of online video ads are never seen.

That’s a lot of advertising that’s paid for but never seen.  What’s the reason?  Is it the advertising itself?  Or, the digital platform that allows fraud to take place?

 No doubt, the answer is both.

Outright fraud is part of the digital platform when an advertiser runs an ad, whether display or video.  This will not be corrected anytime soon, if ever.

Hopefully, this will soon start to discourage advertisers from running ads. 

And to instead, start using the online space the way in which it was intended.  

Which is what?

Creating stories of interest to share with others and then, to have them find the story so interesting that they too, want to share it with others.

That’s how the online platform is supposed to work.

Which may well change the way we think about online advertising.

From display ads and online video to stories of interest.

Of course, those who have been in this business for more than a week understand something.  Great advertising has always been about creating stories of interest.

The difference is that we now have new ways to share those stories with the interested.

No, it's not advertising the way we know it.

Or, is it?

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