Monday, November 03, 2014

The Only Way Engagement Takes Place Is If The Viewer Initiates The Interaction

The intent of the advertiser is to get their ad in front of viewers in the hope that a few will find it to be of interest and pay some attention.

The intent of the viewer, whether online or watching TV, is to avoid all advertising and get on with what they were doing. 

Which means that in the majority of cases, the intent of the viewer is completely incompatible with the intent of the advertiser.

And yet, occasionally the intent of the viewer is to engage with a commercial.  But for that to happen, the viewer, not the advertiser, needs to initiate the interaction.

We currently monetize the advertiser’s intent through impressions.

We currently don’t monetize the viewer’s intent.

Why not?

Digital data now allows us to know when a viewer hits play on a commercial.  Digital data now allows us to know when that viewer stops watching the commercial. 

Which means digital data now allows us to measure a viewer’s intent.  As well as the length of their engagement in the commercial.

Isn’t this what advertisers should be most interested in?

What the industry is frantically looking for is a way to monetize the transition from impression-based models to duration-based models.

A way of switching the focus from how many were exposed to how long they were engaged.

The smart publishers are starting to offer the data that is needed to do this.

You would think the smart advertisers would be listening.

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