Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Time Spent With A Commercial Is A Creative Issue, Not A Media Issue

Evolve Media has a new online video product that allows advertisers to only pay if the ad is seen for seven and a half seconds.

The president and co-founder of Evolve says that 44% of those who come across this new video product get all the way past the 7.5 second mark.  He also said that the 44% rate has big fluctuations depending on the quality of the creative.

No kidding.

So why would any publisher want to be held accountable for time spent with a commercial when they had nothing to do with the content of the commercial?

To agree to being held accountable for something, it helps to be able to control what we are going to held accountable for.  Otherwise, why would we agree to it?

Publishers and programs offer advertisers the “opportunity” for their commercial to be seen.   Whether it’s actually watched or not is not their responsibility.  The "opportunity" is what they are selling and that is what they are responsible for. 

Whether the commercial involves the viewer, and how long the commercial involves the viewer for, is the responsibility of the creative.  Advertisers need to hold their creative agencies accountable for time spent, i.e. involvement with the commercial, not the publisher.

The good news for publishers is that they have impression data.  They also have time-spent data.  

Both sets of data offer value to the advertiser. 

If they know whom to hold accountable for which.

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