Friday, June 06, 2014

Viewers Who Choose To Watch A Skippable Commercial Are 75% More Engaged Than Viewers Forced To Watch A Non-Skippable Commercial

We’re an industry that loves large numbers.

It’s why we value impressions so much.  It's easy to get a large number of impressions, even though we all know the majority of those impressions are wasted.

So you would think that 75% of anything would be considered a large number by most in the industry.

And yet, it is largely ignored.  


The reason is, it’s 75% of a small number – those who choose to watch a commercial that they aren’t forced to watch.  

And that's where we kind of mess this all up.  We ask the wrong question.  We ask how big is the base we're drawing from?

The question we should be asking is this.  

Is 75% of 1,000 peoples’ attention better than 5% of 100,000 peoples’ attention.

And that depends on what you are trying to do, doesn’t it?

Sell stuff?

Then, yeah. 

You’ll have a more successful brand selling 1,000 people 75% of the way than you will by selling 100,000 people 5% of the way.

Which is why in my opinion, involvement trumps impressions every time.

If the goal is truly to sell stuff.

Is it?

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