Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Why High Exposure = Low Involvement

One of the big stories this week is the continue dominance of television versus online video when it comes to the number of viewers.

But what is left out an argument based strictly on size is that the greater the number of overall impressions, the greater the overall lack of involvement on the part of viewers.

The more people reached, the greater the chance of reaching more people uninterested in your product.

The more targeted the reach, the smaller the audience.  The smaller the audience, the more relevant your messaging can be to them.

Chasing size alone is chasing a form of fool’s gold.

Advertisers feel good thinking they’re reaching millions.

But all they’re really reaching is into their marketing budgets to pay for wasted impressions.

As someone much wiser than I asked, “Is an impression still an impression if it doesn’t make one?”  I believe that’s the question we all need to start asking.

The question for advertisers comes down to this. 

Do you want impressions?  Or, involvement?

Do you want people to be exposed to your brand?  Or, to spend time with it?

Are you more concerned with how many?

Or, how long?

Do you still believe that share of voice = share of mind = share of market?

Or, that share of time = share of mind = share of market?

Expose viewers to your brand message on TV.

Involve them online.

Exposure leads to involvement. 

Involvement leads to sales.

In today’s marketplace, one no longer works without the other.

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