Sunday, March 09, 2014

What Is An Advertising Agency’s Job?

The answer to this question used to be simple.

Make ads.  


Print.  Radio.  TV.

The answer is not so simple anymore.  Is the agencies job just to make ads?  Or, content?  Or, likes?  Or, shares?  Or, tweets?  Or, mentions? 

What’s interesting is that is even with all these different formats that advertising now takes, they all have one thing in common.  If they’re going to be successful, the viewer/user needs to spend some time with them.

Everything that runs, either online or offline, requires someone to pay some attention to it to be effective.

The cost of attention is time.

The job of an agency is to capture more of a potential/current user’s time than the competitor might be doing.


The more time spent with your brand, the less time the consumer has to spend with the competitor’s brand.

The more time spent with your brand, the greater the likelihood that your brand will be the one they choose.

In other words, time spent = sales.

The battle that any ad/commercial faces these days is the battle for attention, measured as time spent with the ad/commercial.

Which is why the job of any agency today is to create time spent with the brand.

In reality, this hasn’t changed since advertising started.

Sure, we have more formats and vehicles in which to capture a user/viewer’s time.  But capturing that time is still an agency’s primary objective.

The difference between now and then, is that in the past, we didn’t have the means by which to measure how much time an individual was actually spending with a brand. 

We certainly do now.

Which means, now agencies can be held accountable for how much time they’re capturing for their client’s brands.

Unfortunately, few agencies are being held accountable for this.

I would bet yours is included in that list.

Which raises an even bigger question.


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