Wednesday, December 04, 2013

You Don’t Sell A Sports Car Based On MPG. And You Don’t Sell All Video Content Based On CPM.

We all know it’s time to redefine how media is evaluated.  The tools available now make this a possibility.

But the mindset in the advertising business doesn’t make it a reality.

Media keeps being sold based on CPM.


The most CPM can offer is the possibility of viewership.

But today, publishers can offer certainty.  This is because they know the actual number of viewers who watch the actual commercial.  And, they know how long those viewers actually watch the commercial for.

In other words, publishers now have a purer way to pay for media.  Based on actualities, i.e. certainty.

But advertisers don’t want certainty.

Certainty scares them.

Certainty means they’ll know exactly how inefficient their media buys are.

Which means their boss will know how inefficient their media buys are.

Which means they’ll be fired.

Selling possibility has always been more profitable than selling certainty.

And, so it seems, it will remain.

We have the tools.

But we seem to be missing the will.

And, of that, I’m certain.

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