Thursday, December 05, 2013

When Every Other Week Isn’t Enough

It was on December 14th, almost a year ago, that 20 children were shot at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

The hue and cry have since diminished from Sandy Hook.

No doubt because many find hueing and crying to be so uncivilized.

What they apparently don’t find to be uncivilized is the fact that since Sandy Hook, there have been 26 shootings in schools in the United States.

That’s one every other week.

So, what’s it going to take to bring the hueing and crying back?

A shooting once a week?

Maybe every other day?


We need to get back to hueing and crying.

To being upset.

To being human.

To that end, our affiliate production company – Ryannacy Films – is willing to help those who are willing to care.

To those who think every other week is enough already.  

Because it is, isn't it?

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