Friday, December 06, 2013

How About Letting The Viewer Decide What A Commercial Is Worth?

A Polish agency, 8K, is letting the advertiser decide the value of the work that they create.

The minimum payment is $1.  The average so far, over 23 assignments, has been $74.

I applaud this Polish agency for attempting to find new compensation models.  As most in the business know, the current agency compensation model is certainly in need of adjustments.

But, as 8K is apparently finding out, letting the advertiser decide the worth of their work can prove to be far from lucrative, indeed.

What might work better?

Letting the viewer decide.

Not by votes or proxy or even by asking them.  But rather, by measuring how much time viewers spend watching the commercial.

Time is the currency by which a viewer measures a commercial’s worth.  It the commercial is offering them something of value, they stay interested.

If not, they don’t.

Obviously, this will only work when viewers can opt-in and out of a commercial at their own volition.

And while this doesn’t yet happen everywhere, the platforms and possibilities where it can, are certainly increasing.

Would an advertiser go along with this?

Pay based on interest in their commercial?

You would think so, wouldn’t you?  

If an advertiser pays to have thirty seconds created, it is probably because they would like all thirty seconds to be watched.  Otherwise, why not create a fifteen-second spot?  Or, a five-second spot?

Each second costs money to make.  The return on those dollars spent comes from interest created.

We can now measure interest as viewer time spent.

Monetizing viewer time spent is the next step.

Some agencies/production companies have already done it.

What they have discovered is that when they're held accountable (i.e. paid) for creating interest, the spots become more interesting.

Funny that.

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