Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Advertising Insights From Two Brilliant Men. One French. And, One Dead.

The dead man is Erwin Ephron.

Unfortunately, Erwin died recently.

Was Erwin the smartest man in media?

Depends who you ask.

If you ask me, yes.


He made the complicated simple.

One of the more complex media issues these days is engagement.  

In 2006, Erwin said the following:  Engagement is not a media problem.  The simple model is ‘media deliver consumers, ads produce response.’

Erwin called it a simple model.  To him, it was.

To everyone else, it’s complicated as hell.

The Frenchmen is Chrysler Group CMO Olivier Francois.

What Olivier said is this:  "I don't think an ad can ever sell anything. It will never tell you everything about a car. The purpose is to grab you and drive you to another medium, which will fill you in."

And, there you have it.

How advertising works.

Engagement is about creative.  And the job of good creative is to drive the consumer from one medium to the next, until the medium is the store/showroom itself.

After all, going from one medium to the next in search of more information about a product is the true definition of engagement.

Isn’t it?

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