Monday, October 07, 2013

Fifty Million Views Wasted?

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches garnered more than 50 million views online.

A later survey revealed that many of those views came from people who didn’t remember the content/ads were from Dove.

The reason, according to some, is because Dove didn’t put their name on the content until the very end.

Research from the University of South Australia Business School suggests that the frequency with which people hear or see a brand’s name in a social video has no tangible effect on how likely they are to share that video with their friends.

Perhaps that’s true.

But would the Dove Real Beauty Sketches have been a better piece of advertising content with the Dove name plastered all over it?

By incorporating the Dove name sooner into the content, wouldn’t that have, in some way, altered the way the content was taken in by the viewer?

Making it less involving.

And, therefore, less likely to be shared.

In defense of their case, the South Australia Business School compares social videos to 30-second TV commercials.  They cite that 90% of TV commercials include a verbal and visual mention of the sponsor, making viewers of those commercials much more likely to recall who sponsored them.

Is that so?

So why is it that only 4% of advertising today is remembered positively, while 7% is remembered negatively?   And, 89% isn’t remembered at all.

To be remembered is one objective of any advertising.  To be remembered positively is another.

My bet is that of those who remembered the Dove Real Beauty Sketches remembered them positively.  

And even if it was only 4%, well, 4% of fifty million is a pretty big number.

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