Thursday, September 05, 2013

Let The Viewer Be The Procurement Officer

The ANA recently reported that procurement departments now play a role in 82% of agency compensation decisions.

The major reasons that marketers cite for procurement departments getting involved is to improve their agency’s performance.

Performance in regards to what?

Creating great work?

Or, saving money?

What if the two were connected?

What if the agency didn’t create great work, then the agency would be paid less, saving the marketer money.

For this to work, we would need some agreement as to what constitutes “great” work.

Is it work that sells stuff?


But what has to happen before the commercial can sell stuff?

The spot has to be watched.

Who watches spots? 


And, we can now measure how long a viewer watches a spot for.

Logic indicates that the longer a spot is watched for, the greater the chances are that the spot will be able to persuade someone.

Which means that the amount of time a viewer spends with a spot can be used as proxy to determine a commercial’s greatness.

More time spent by the viewer, more money paid by the marketer to the agency.

In other words, procurement based on results.

Wikipedia defines procurement as:

            Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services or works 
            from an external source.

Instead of the acquisition of goods or services, we’re suggesting that procurement be based on the acquisition of results

With the idea being to procure the results at the best possible cost.

It’s not happening now.

But it can happen, if we let viewers be the procurement officers.

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