Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seeing Isn't Believing

There is a large debate going on right now between The Media Ratings Council, Association of National Advertisers, American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Interactive Advertising Bureau on the difference between seeing viewability and being viewable.

I understand that marketers want and need viewability standards for ads.

But to spend this much time and effort to hash out whether an ad is seen, versus whether the ad is viewable, seems to be a waste of a lot of good peoples’ time.

Because the fact is, even viewable ads aren’t always seen.

What makes people notice an is partially it’s position on the page. 

But, it’s also the creativity of the ad itself.

It could be argued that creativity entices more people to see an ad then placement.  (Of course, this means the ad is viewable in the first place and not hidden below the fold.)

Creativity also is what elicits involvement with the ad.

Media offers nothing more than an opportunity to see an ad.  Whether that ad is actually seen, and then engaged with, is the creativity of the ad itself.

We seem to forget this.

We seem to forget that seeing isn't the same as engaging with.  

Media delivers eyeballs.  But creativity allows the ad to reach the mind.

And, if done well, the heart.

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