Thursday, July 18, 2013

17.8 Billion Video Ads Were Ineffective in the Month Of June

According to comScore, there were 20 billion video ad impressions in the month of June.

That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

But let’s break it down for a moment.

We know that in our day-to-day existence, each of us is individually confronted with thousands of advertising messages a day.

Of those advertising messages, 4% are remembered positively, 7% are remembered negatively and 89% are not remembered at all.

Factor those percentages into the 20 billion figure thrown out by comScore, and here’s what we get.

800,000,000 ads remembered positively.
1,400,000,000 ads remembered negatively.
17,800,000,000 ads not remembered at all.

In other words, the headline that the comScore report could have led with is 17.8 billion video ad impressions wasted in the month of June.

Now, that would have garnered some interest, wouldn’t it?

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