Friday, May 03, 2013

What An Advertiser’s Website Should Have In Common With HBO

I think everyone knows the difference between content on HBO and content on network TV.

The content on HBO is more sophisticated, daring, and well, watchable.

There’s a reason for this.   

Viewers subscribe to HBO.   

Network TV can be seen by anyone.

How does this compare to an advertiser’s website?  Well, in a way, consumers subscribe to a website in the sense that they come to it.  It doesn’t intrude on their programming. 

If there's going to be interaction, the consumer must initiate it.

In a recent article in Adweek, Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau said, “Advertisers now have the foresight and financial incentive to produce original digital video advertising and make digital video a central focus of creativity, breakthrough interactivity and brand storytelling.”

Sounds a little like HBO content, doesn’t it?

Consumers are eager for a more sophisticated, daring and perhaps, even controversial, content in advertising.   The perfect place to view this sort of advertising would be the brand’s website. 

A consumer doesn’t have to watch it on the website.  But, they can if they choose to.

It’s time for commercials to evolve.  TV did with the introduction of HBO. 

Remember the theme line for HBO?  It’s not TV.  It’s HBO.

Substitute the word “advertising” for “TV” and imagine how much better the advertising could be.

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