Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paying Attention To Attention

In a column written today by Seth Godin, the concept of attention was once again brought to everyone’s attention.

Mr Godin comments that the amount of time we spend online and the number of pages we’re vising are going up dramatically.

What’s not keeping pace is the amount of transactions.

According to Mr Godin, “…your tweets today are seen by ten times as many people, but only twice as likely to get clicked on as they used to be.”

Mr Godin calls it attention inflation.  More time spent looking, less time spent clicking.

You could also call it impression inflation.

The value of an impression is going to continue to go down as the value of actual viewer/user involvement goes up.

With more and more pages and stuff to look at online, the stuff we do give any attention to becomes more valuable.

To both the publishers.  And, the creators of that stuff.

With the data now available, we can start measuring attention.  And, as we all know, what can be measured can be monetized.

Monetization gets peoples’ attention.

Which means we won’t just be paying attention to attention.

We’ll be paying for attention.

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