Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's About Time

At the Mediapost Search Insider Summit on Tuesday, the keynote speaker, Paul Barrett, senior manager of the Big Data Practice at Accenture Interactive, mentioned that time is one of the most important elements of data to analyze.

I couldn’t agree more.  Although I look at time a little differently than Mr Barrett.

Mr Barrett was referring to how and when people talk about their experiences and how marketers will want to tie specific times to different outcomes in a customer life cycle.

Granted, that’s important.

But so is how much time overall that online users are spending with a brand.

We know how many impressions a $5M media buy will deliver.

But do we know how that equates to time spent with the brand?  Did the $5M media buy deliver three hours of time spent with the brand or thirty hours?

Which do you think would have been more valuable to the client – three hours or thirty hours?

And, which part of the marketing mix should be held responsible for creating that time spent?

The media buy?

Or, the creative itself?

My vote is with the latter.

Which is why I see time spent as the new currency of creative.

Media has a currency in which it is bought and sold.  

It's called impressions.

Creative doesn't currently have a currency in which it is bought and sold.

Maybe it's about time.

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