Monday, April 22, 2013

Impression-Based Marketing vs Involvement-Based Marketing

Which do you base your marketing on?

Impressions?  Or, involvement?

Most marketing dollars today are spent on impression-based marketing.  Marketers who do this are mainly concerned with how many see their advertising.

Involvement-based marketers are less concerned with how many see their message; instead focusing on how long someone is involved with their message.

Their logic goes something like this.

Let’s say a thirty-second spot gets 1M impressions.  That means 1 million people have the opportunity to spend thirty seconds with the brand.   In other words, 30 million potential seconds of time spent with the brand.

Involvement-based marketing takes it one step further.  Of those potential 30 million seconds, how many were actually spent with the brand?  

If all 1 million people watch only one second, then the answer is one million seconds.

But if most people watched 20 out of thirty seconds, then 20 million out of a possible 30 million seconds were consumed.

Which do you think would prove more effective in the marketplace – 20 million seconds viewed?  Or, 1 million seconds?

It's the difference between measuring opportunity to see and engagement per opportunity.

As viewing audiences continue to fragment, involvement-based marketing allows advertisers to concentrate on an impression’s depth rather than its reach.

After all, depth scales when reach doesn’t.

Which makes for a pretty involving argument for involvement-based marketing.

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