Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From An "Opportunity To See" to An "Opportunity To Spend Time With"

Media is often described as an opportunity to see something.  A commercial, a print ad, a banner ad.

It’s why media is bought and sold based on impressions.

But what if we looked at media differently?  What if we looked at media as an opportunity to spend time with something, rather than an opportunity to see something?

How would this change things?

An impression doesn’t measure depth.  Whether someone watches one second of a commercial or 30 seconds, the cost of that impression is the same.

But the effect of a :30 impression versus a :01 impression is probably very different.

Buying and selling impressions is the way it’s always been done because it was the only way it could be done.

That’s all changed now.

The depth of an impression can now be accurately measured.  It can now be accurately monetized.  And, it can now be accurately bought and sold.

The question is, who’s responsible for an impression’s depth?  Is it the publisher?  The media buyer?  The creative agency?

There is only one right answer.  The creative agency.

How many creative agencies are taking this responsibility on?

Just a few that I know of.

But those that are taking this responsibility on are learning how to be successful in a digital future where failure will no longer be lucrative.  And, only success will be rewarded.

Success measured as time spent.

At least, that’s my impression.

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