Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tomorrow, Let’s Have Everyone Click On A Banner Ad

Can you imagine what would happen?

Everyone clicking on one banner ad.

You wouldn’t even have to stay on the site it takes you to.  Click and then leave.

It will take what, 3 seconds, tops, of your time.

But, imagine the commotion it would cause in the ad industry.

Right now, there are approximately two billion, four hundred million people online.  If everyone clicked on a banner ad on the same day, online advertising folks would start hyperventilating. 

After all, that would be more banner ad clicks than banner ads have probably received since they were first introduced.

The ad media folks would change their sales pitches.  Media strategies would be re-strategized overnight.  Advertisers would be told to start investing huge dollars in banner ads.  Online publishers, with visions of riches in their heads, would start booking vacations in Tuscany.

And, then, the next day, just to mess with ‘em, nobody click on nothing.

How do you think the online media folks would explain that?

An anomaly?

Of course.

But which day? 

The day everyone clicked?  Or, the day nobody clicked?

You know as well as I.

Hell, they’re media folks.

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