Friday, March 15, 2013

Nonsense Replaced By Common Sense

The following numbers are from an article written by Dave Morgan.  Dave is the founder and CEO of Simulmedia.

97% of all video viewing in the U.S. still occurs on TV.

Web video represents only 2% to 3% of all video viewed 
in the U.S.  

20% of Americans consume 80% or more of all web video viewed – and, ironically, that 20% are heavy TV users as well.

What Dave makes so blatantly clear is that TV is the platform to use when scale and reach are needed.  And, it will remain that way for some time.

Which begs the question, if not reach, what should we be using web video for?

My answer?  Depth.


Because, it’s the only thing that will scale online.

How many see a video, as well as how often, won't scale online.

How long someone spends with a video, will.

Say an advertiser gets 30,000 views of a 30-second spot online.

The number of views (how many) is set at 30,000.

But how long people are involved with that spot can vary from 30,000 seconds (each viewer spending 1 second) to 900,000 seconds (each viewer watching all 30 seconds).

I would bet that advertisers would feel that their campaign was more successful with the latter number, than the former.

In other words, there is value in depth.

Scale and reach are about output.   Up to now, we used them as a proxy for outcome.  We knew this wasn’t true, but it made life simpler to think so.

Depth is not an output.  Depth is an outcome. 

What’s more, it scales online.  Perhaps this is how offline and online can finally work well together.

We reach as many people as possible offline.  The objective being to drive them online.

Once online, we try to get those people to spend as much time as possible with our messaging and brands.

Which changes the formula for effectiveness from reach x frequency to reach x depth.

How often replaced by how long?

Quantity replaced by quality.

Nonsense replaced by common sense.

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