Thursday, March 07, 2013

Is It Time To Time-Shift Commercials?

A recent article by Wayne Friedman asked whether it’s time to time-shift not just TV shows, but social media comments?

Which got me wondering about time-shifting and why we do it.

We time-shift a TV program because the time it’s scheduled to run is inconvenient for us.  In other words, the program interrupts our schedule.

Well, commercials interrupt what we are doing as well.  So, why shouldn’t we be able to time-shift a commercial and watch it at our convenience?

Which raises the obvious question.  Who would ever time-shift a commercial?

My bet is, a lot more people than you might think.

Last I checked, search is still allowing Google to remain the most valuable operation on the digital platform. 

Search allows people to search out information about a product or brand.  

What is a commercial but information about a product or brand.

While interruptive media is a way for advertisers to try and reach consumers, search is a way for consumers to try and reach advertisers.

As I’ve discussed before, reach and search are the same thing, except that reach is initiated by the advertiser, while search is initiated by the consumer.

Time-shifting commercials would be a bit of a hybrid, wouldn’t it?

The advertiser would still try and reach the consumer with a commercial, but the consumer could time-shift the commercial and search for it later.

It makes sense to me.

Just like it made sense to Scott Kurnit when he started AdKeeper back in 2010.  Adkeeper was designed to let people time-shift commercials online.

How well is Adkeeper working?

I don’t know. 

Anybody else?

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