Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Is Creative Subjective?

In a marketing meeting yesterday. 

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of large retail client was present. 

Topic turned to the subject of creative. 

Why some agencies push back when the client asks to make changes to a commercial.

CMO was offended that his agency was pushing back.  His comment was as follows.  “Creative is subjective.  Which means my opinion is as good as anyone else’s?”

“There is no right or wrong.”


There is no right or wrong? 

Perhaps that’s why so much advertising is as bad as it is.  Because when it comes to creative, there is a right and wrong. 

CMOs don’t often recognize this.  Nuance is something much appreciated by viewers.  Less so by CMOs.

Same could be said for subtlety. 

The only one to who creative should be subjective to is the viewer.  They can choose to pay attention to the commercial when it runs or choose not to.  When done right, the creative becomes less subjective as the viewer becomes more compelled to watch.

That's what great creative does.

Great creative gets produced because someone fought very hard to not let some CMO say that creative is “subjective”.

Because that’s not right.

It’s wrong.

Just like that CMO’s commercials will end up being.

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  1. Creative is as "subjective" as Leadership is. Can he still say "There is no right or wrong"?