Friday, February 01, 2013

The Chrysler Strategy

You may have noticed that Chrysler hasn't been previewing their Super Bowl commercial before the game.

That they are missing out on all the pre-game buzz that everyone thinks is so important.

Where those of us in the industry talk about the commercials themselves.

And, not the products those commercials are advertising.

Chrysler realizes this is all bullshit.

They understand that the purpose of advertising is to get products and brands talked about, not commercials.

They understand that all the pre-game hype about commercials is just that.


But come Monday morning, guess which brand will be talked about most?

And, three months from now, guess which brand will see the biggest increase in market share because of the commercial they ran during the Super Bowl?

We can talk about commercials as much as we like.

But last I checked, it's brands, not commercials that we're supposed to get people talking about.

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