Friday, January 18, 2013

So Mr Advertiser – What Is Your EPO?

Since EPO seems to be the topic of conversation these days, what with Lance confessing to Oprah, it seems to make sense to ask all the advertisers out there if they know what their EPO is?

Of course, I’m not referring to performance enhancing drugs, although if their EPO is high enough, it could well enhance their brand’s performance.

When talking about EPO for advertisers, what I’m referring to is their Engagement Per Opportunity.

Media, as we all know, delivers nothing more than an opportunity to see an advertisement or commercial.   Whether someone decides to spend any time with that commercial, i.e. engage with it, depends on a variety of factors. 

The most critical of them being the creative itself.

The opportunity to see a commercial is something that we've always been able to measure.

What we haven't been measuring is how well most advertisers take advantage of this opportunity?

In other words, how long did each potential viewer spend with the commercial when they had the opportunity to see it?

It’s an interesting question because it makes sense that the higher the EPO, the higher the number of sales.

The reason I say this is because the longer someone spends with a brand’s messaging, the greater the opportunity for persuasion to occur.

If this is true, if the longer one engages with a commercial, the greater the chances of making a sale, then the meaning of EPO will soon be changing as well – from Engagement Per Opportunity to Effectiveness Per Opportunity.

Which kind of brings it back into the category of performance enhancing drug after all, doesn’t it?

I mean performance enhancing drugs are all about effectiveness.

Right, Lance?

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