Monday, January 07, 2013

Reach x Resonance = Reaction

Nielsen has been touting the above formula since last year. 

In my opinion, it makes sense.

A piece of advertising needs to reach enough of the right people so that the message resonates deeply enough to cause a reaction in that person.

That reaction may be as basic as someone changing their mind about a product or brand.  Or, it may actually be a sale.

But here’s my question.  Is “resonance” a creative measure or a media measure?

Since Nielsen measures media, they see resonance as a media issue.  And to the degree that the message ends up in front of the right people rather than the wrong people, they’re right.

But once people start to watch a commercial, resonance is completely dependent on the creative itself.

How does Nielsen measure that?  They currently don’t.

To make it easier, I look at a commercial as consisting of two parts -  “outside” and “inside” the commercial.

Everything that happens outside of the commercial is media dependent.  Everything that happens inside the commercial - once a viewer clicks play - is creative dependent.

One of the problems we’re facing with all this data that is now being accumulated is that we look at “Reaction” as being caused solely by either one or the other – media or creative.

I think Nielsen’s formula is a good one if they start looking at resonance as a creative measure and not a media measure.

It’s certainly doable with the measurement metrics that currently exist.

It’s just not being done.

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