Monday, December 17, 2012

From GRPs to GETs

We all know GRPs stand for Gross Rating Points.

But what the hell is a GET?

An acronym for Gross Engagement Total.

Does such a thing exist?

Wrong question. 

The better question is - do you think advertisers would like to know what their Gross Engagement Total is?

GRPs are about media.  We need a media metric because advertisers spend a fortune in media.

But GRPs ignore the creative element of a commercial.  And, as we all know, creative has a lot to do with how effective the money that advertisers spend in media is going to be.

So how would GETs be measured?

Reach x View Duration.

How many people were exposed to the commercial - multiplied by how much time each person exposed actually spent with the commercial.

Obviously, GETs aren’t designed to work with forced views.  After all, a forced view doesn’t give viewers the chance to leave the commercial when it no longer interests them.

But GETs will measure when a viewer is exposed to a commercial and once they start watching, how long they watch for.

Everyone talks about engagement as if it were a media metric.  How many people did the commercial engage with? 

To me, this always seemed like another way of saying “reach”? 

True engagement (TruE) needs to take both media and creative into account.

So, that’s what GETs measures, true engagement.

How Many x How Long = Gross Engagement Total (GETs).

Here’s my bet. 

The higher an advertiser GETs number, the better that spot will work for the advertiser in the marketplace.

Because the new math of advertising works something line this.

The more time spent with the commercial, the more money spent in the store.

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