Friday, December 14, 2012

Does Advertising Work Anymore?

Be honest with your answer. 

Does advertising work anymore?

My answer would be yes.  But not the way it used to.

In the past, the formula for success was fairly easy.

You ran a big TV campaign and folks got in line to buy your product.

Not any more.

Today’s formula looks like this.

Offline + Online = In Line

Your TV campaign needs to drive people online where they then decide if it’s worth it to visit the store and get in line to buy your product.

Current research says that 52% of those under the age of 35 will visit two websites before deciding to visit an actual retail establishment.

This is only magnified by the number of people who now watch TV with another screen – phone or tablet – as a companion.

TV still serves as the reach platform.  But before taking the effort to visit a store, consumers are now searching online to see if the TV advertising is credible.

If the online messaging doesn’t match the offline messaging, the bullshit lights start flashing.

The best TV can do today is take 100% of the viewers of the spot 10% of the way down the path to purchase.

It's online where advertisers have the chance to take, say, 10% of the people the rest of the way.

You can't have a successful brand by selling 100% of the people only 10% of the way.  

But you can by selling 10% of the people 100% of the way.

Smart advertisers today are using TV to drive people online.

And then, using online to motivate people to get in line at their stores.

Which is why advertising still works.

Just not the way it used to.

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