Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Use Reach To Create Search. Use Search To Create Sales.

Why do advertisers think consumers go to their websites?

To find out more about the brand, product, price points, etc.


But what advertisers often forget to remember is that the key word is 'more'.

In other words, they already know something about the brand to start with.  Enough so that their curiosity is piqued and they want to find out more.

How did they already know something about the brand?

The most obvious way is through advertising.  And, while it could be print or radio, the more obvious choice would be TV advertising.

TV is one of the last reach vehicles we have.  But TV is no longer where a sale is made.

TV advertising should be used to pique interest.  To entice people to go to the website.  

Where they can spend as much time as they want.  

Where they can sell themselves.

Reach should be used to create search.

And search should be used to create sales.

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