Thursday, November 08, 2012

Should Pre-Roll Ads Be Three Seconds Long?

I think it’s safe to say that most people find pre-roll advertising to be an irritant.  Not many people click to watch something and then wait with great anticipation to see which commercial will precede what they really want to watch.

“Please, please, let it be the T-Mobile commercial.”  No, I think there is little of that.

Usually, when the pre-roll spot runs, the first thing people look for is the volume control to turn it down.

The ad industry knows this.  They know pre-roll is an irritant.  That’s why they’ve shortened most pre-roll spots to be fifteen seconds in length.  Thirty seconds just gave people enough time to check their emails.

But why fifteen?

Why not shorter?

Why not three seconds?

We know that no one is paying attention to fifteen seconds.  So wouldn't it be more efficient to have them not pay attention for three seconds?

Three seconds would cost less than fifteen to buy.  Which means advertisers would save a ton of money on not getting attention.

Same results.  Less money.

They could even run an ad campaign talking about how they’ve shortened their pre-roll commercials to irritate us less.

Which might be the only thing about pre-rolls that would get attention.

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