Friday, November 02, 2012

How Long Is An Impression?

I was wondering this yesterday. 

How long is an impression?

Let’s say that a :30 commercial runs.  Is it an impression if the viewer watches only one second?  Or must it be five seconds?  Twenty-five seconds?   Or, can it be zero seconds?  

Or, is it counted as an impression if the spot is delivered regardless whether anyone watched it or not?

It is that, isn’t it?

An impression is an impression whether anyone watches the actual spot or not.

Alright, how about this question?  At what point does an impression become the current buzzword - engagement?

Is there a time factor to an impression becoming engagement?

If an impression does not have a duration factor to it, and we know that view duration does offer value to the advertiser, then how do we monetize duration?

Who's responsible for view duration?  

The media agency?  

The online publisher?  

The TV network?

The creative agency?

Can view duration serve as a proxy for engagement?

As you can see, yesterday was a day full of questions. 

Perhaps tomorrow will be a day full of answers.

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