Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advertisers Want Accountability? Advertisers Can’t Handle Accountability.

The Association of National Advertisers is dubbing 2013 as the year of accountability.

Yeah, right.

Let’s be honest.  The last thing most CMOs of most brands want is accountability.


Because accountability has implications.  And since most advertising doesn’t work, those implications will be mostly negative.

Do you think most agencies really want accountability?   Do they really want to know how lousy most of their advertising is?  How little attention people actually pay to what they charge enormous amounts of money to create?

I think not.

Agencies are brilliant at deflecting blame if a campaign doesn’t work.  The price of the product was too high, placement on the shelf too low, weather was too lousy, unemployment was too rampant.

Everything but that the work they did sucked.

If the industry really wants accountability, it’s there for the taking.  We already know how long people stay involved with a commercial for.  Why not pay the creative agency accordingly?

The longer people watch the commercial, the more they get paid.   It’s called View Duration Compensation.

Accountability leads to responsibility.  That responsibility should be financially-based.

Do you think that’s what the ANA is talking about?

No, neither do I.

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