Friday, October 12, 2012

If Impressions Are The Currency of Media, Then What Is The Currency Of Creative?

We buy and sell impressions when it comes to media.  We all know that. 

But let me ask this?  What do we buy and sell when it comes to creative?

To answer that, you have to ask what’s important about creative?  

What’s its currency?

In other words, what needs to happen with, say a commercial, before the ultimate objective – sales – can occur? 

I would argue in the case of a commercial, it needs to be watched.

And the longer it is watched for, the better.

If it’s a thirty-second spot and all thirty seconds are watched, the odds of that commercial selling somebody something is better than if only ten seconds out of thirty are watched.  If that wasn’t true, why wasn't it just a ten-second spot to begin with?

So the currency of creative, at least when it comes to video, is how long the consumer is involved in the piece for.

Why is this important?

Because at the current ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Florida, most of the talk is about ROI and accountability.

And that talk mostly surrounds media.

Why not hold creative accountable as well?

That becomes easier if we have a currency of creative to deal in.

Media has been, and always will be, about how many.  Creative, on the other hand, is about how long.

Another way to look at it is this.

How many (media) is about potential.  How long (creative) is about performance.

And performance is where ROI comes in.

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