Friday, September 07, 2012

Fans Or Consumers? How Do You See Your Customers?

How advertisers view their customers, both current and potential, says a lot about how they execute their advertising.

Do they look at customers as fans of their brand?

Or, as consumers of their brand?

If it is the latter, their purpose is solely to get their message out to customers.  The objective being to get them to consume more.

But if advertisers look at customers as fans, then their advertising objective is very different.  Its purpose is to let the customer in.  After all, every fan wants to know about the band, team, or brand that they’re a fan of.

Putting your message out is a very different mindset then letting people in.  Which means the advertising, both in how it’s crafted and in how it’s distributed, will be very different.

So that’s the question of the day.  Do you treat your customers as fans or consumers?

If you’re not sure, here’s a quick way to find out.

Take a look at your advertising.

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