Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Have Less Tolerance For The Data Than Consumers Supposedly Have For The Ads

We are now getting nearly eight ads, on average, in the long-form content that we watch online.

This is an increase of 167% from just one year ago.

How are consumers taking this? 

According to FreeWheel, a video monetization firm, consumers are taking it well.  Their research shows that users view 91% of the ads slotted within a 22-minute sitcom or scripted drama.

FreeWheel goes on to claim that the 9% avoidance rate is better than what is found with broadcast TV (per Nielsen C3 ratings data, viewers of the Big 4 Nets skip 13.5% of ads).

The result?  As tolerance of online advertising grows, advertisers will continue to throw even more ads our way.

FreeWheel says it’s all in finding the "proper balance" between ads and content, so as not to “disastrously erode the viewer experience.” Of course, what is considered to be “disastrously eroding” to viewers may not be “disastrously eroding” to FreeWheel.

Or, their clients.

The likes of which include content providers by the name of NBCUniversal, CBS, FOX, Turner Entertainment, Discovery Communications, A&E Networks and Univision Interactive Media.

Perhaps the “proper balance” FreeWheel was actually looking for was between research results and client roster.

FreeWheel claims users aren’t exasperated by the additional ad loads for online content. 

But that doesn’t preclude most of us from being exasperated at PR stories being touted as research. 

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