Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brand Theater

What if every brand started to think like a movie studio?  Not so much in how they do or don’t make money.   But in the way they think about promoting their brands (films).

Every brand has a website, which means every brand has it’s own theater in which it can tell its story.  People visit the website to find out more about the brand or product they’re interested in buying.

The website doesn’t intrude on what people are watching.   Instead, people come to it of their volition.  A website is basically where people knock on the brand’s door and say please tell me more.

The trick is how to get people to come to the site.  Just like a movie studio’s job is to get people to come to the theater.

If it’s the same job, why not do it the same way?  By running “trailers” on TV to drive people to theaters/websites to see the "full story".

What if brands did that?  What if they looked at TV advertising as a place to run :30 trailers with the objective being to interest people to find out more online?  When people come to the website, the “full story" is revealed.

I’m not saying brands should make 90-minute films to run online.  But a 90-second, more complete brand story, is certainly a reality.

I know, brands will say that they can’t take the chance of losing a sale?  What if people don’t go online?

Well, already 52% of those under the age of 35 will visit two websites before making a purchase at a store.  In other words, for many, the sale is no longer being made through TV commercials. 

It’s already being made online.

Instead of fighting that fact, what if brands embraced it?  The objective of TV advertising would change, wouldn’t it?  As would the tenor and tone of TV commercials. 

A :30 movie trailer on TV creates interest, intrigue and wonder.  How many current TV commercials do that?

Perhaps they should.

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  1. While I think the objective/feeling of TV advertising is already undergoing substantial change, I think the Trailer idea is a good one. Anything to reduce the amount of actual advertising time on TV would be a welcome one. I can't stand commercials, and love that my provider is doing something about it. I got Dish last year, and when the new Hopper HD DVR came out earlier in 2012 a Dish coworker told me about Auto Hop. I use Prime Time Anytime to record all the prime time shows automatically, and when I use Auto Hop the following day, I can set my recordings to automatically skip the ads! It saves me a ton of time watching, and my sanity is left a bit more intact without the commercials!