Friday, June 22, 2012

The Requirements For A Successful Ad

Dave Trott said it best. 

Mr. Trott is Executive Creative Director for CSTTG.

He said there are two requirements for everything he reads.  He has to learn something.  Or, he has to be entertained.

If he’s not getting either of these two, why would he keep reading?

Exactly.  Why should he keep reading? 

Or, for that matter, watching (if it’s a commercial).

The key on the digital platform is that people have a choice.  They can stop watching a commercial when it stops serving a useful purpose to them – being informative or entertaining.

They control the interaction.   They control how successful an ad or commercial will be.  No amount of media dollars can overcome their control over your success or failure as an advertiser.

After all, having a million people skip over your ad is no more effective than having one person skip over your ad.  The advertiser just wastes more money.

Of course, for an ad or commercial to be successful as an ad or as a commercial, one more element must be added.  It must also be persuasive.

Because that’s what separates advertising from the other things we read or watch.  An ad or commercial’s job is to persuade us to take the next step, visit the store, the car dealership, or click on the link to find out more, or kick the tires, or read the label.

To take the next step.  Not necessarily to buy the product. 

Just to take the next step.

Steps one, two and three are to be informative, entertaining and persuasive.

If you have those three, step four will take care of itself.


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