Friday, May 04, 2012

Will People Like The Way It Looks?

There’s a new campaign out for Men’s Wearhouse. 

Maybe you’ve seen it.  They’re the spots where George Zimmer, the founder, is driving in a car, commenting on how the idea of a “suit” has changed.

But when George is talking about “suits”, he isn’t just talking about the garment itself.  He’s talking about the mentality of today’s businessmen (i.e. “suits”) and how they’re thinking differently about the role of business in our country today.

As George says, “Look around.  There’s a new type of suit in America.  Neither yesterday’s capitalist, nor a current day radicalist, he’s a realist.  And what he realizes is that the role of business is changing.  And he’s helping to change it.”

George then goes on to say that if you are one of these new type of suits (businessmen), then Men’s Wearhouse has the type of suits (garments) that you might want to wear.

The crux of the campaign is that “you don’t have to be one (a suit) to wear one.”

I Googled the word “suit.”  The first thing that comes up is Men’s Wearhouse.  Not as a paid placement.  Men’s Wearhouse is the first thing that comes up organically.

Here’s a company that is synonymous with the word “suit.”  A word that’s taken a beating with the current state of the economy, bankers, lawyers, financial guys, etc.  All the people we hate are the ones wearing suits.

Not a place most brands would want to be.

So what Men’s Wearhouse does is come out and say that you don’t have to be one to wear one.

Smart move?  Sales will tell.

I guarantee it.

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