Friday, April 13, 2012

I Don’t Think So

A few days ago, MediaMind, a provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, released research claiming that 70% of video in-stream impressions play all the way through.

While that number may be accurate, it doesn’t mean that it makes for effective advertising. After all, what choice does the viewer have? Most in-stream impressions are forced views. The viewer sits through the spot or abandons what they came to watch in the first place.

Forced views aren’t really “views.” They’re a hostage situation.

If viewers put up with the unwanted intrusion 70% of the time it means that 30% of the time viewers say “fuck it” and move on without watching what they came for.

And the 70% that “sit through” it, aren’t really watching. Like all good hostages, they're trying to escape.

Perhaps this is why MediaMind’s research also claims that the CTR for in-stream video is 2.15%. This would make it 200 times more effective than the CTR for standard banner ads.

The only way that these numbers could be reached is if MediaMind is counting the clicks on the volume button to mute the spot or the fast-forward button to try to avoid the spot.

Otherwise, I don’t think so.

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