Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GRPs vs CRPs

I sat through a panel at OMMA yesterday talking about GRPs.

Four media experts told the crowd gathered that GRPs measure exposure but not effectiveness. The question came up as to whether a digital GRP should be used.

The answer was, it still won’t help measure effectiveness. All a digital GRP would do is serve as a common denominator. In other words, advertisers will have a common metric of ineffectiveness across both TV and digital.

That said, this seemed to be enough for the panel.

A step in the right direction.


A step in the right direction would have been to have a creative person on the panel. After all, the discussion went from exposure (media-based) to effectiveness (creative-based).

But there were no creatives on the panel to talk about how effectiveness happens.

Media delivers people to the message. The creative itself determines how long people choose to be involved in the message. The longer people are involved in the message, the greater the possibility that persuasion will occur.

Effectiveness isn’t about exposures. Effectiveness isn’t about gross rating points.

Effectiveness is about creative rating points.

Let’s call it CRP. Measure it though the amount of time viewers spend with the commercial. Then add the two together.

Effectiveness = GRP + CRP.

But this wasn’t talked about yesterday.

Because they forgot to put a creative person on the panel.

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